The Addisons

Left to right: Rick Uncapher-bass, Jesse Carmona-drums, Dave Lysien-vox/guitar, Tom Counihan-vox/guitar

Tom Counihan and Dave Lysien were the co-songwriters in the Addison, IL band Not Rebecca who were part of the seminal 90's Chicago punk scene alongside Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, The Bollweevils, Cap'n Jazz, Blue Meanies, Oblivion, No Empathy, Apocalypse Hoboken and many more.

After the band broke up in 1998, Lysien did a stint in the band Woolworthy before forming the long running group Textbook. Counihan moved on as a touring member of Smoking Popes and later launched a solo career as Tom Daily. The duo hadn't collaborated in well over a decade until they started working on new music under the name "The Addisons". The band is now rounded out by their old friends Rick Uncapher (Textbook, Dan Vapid & the Cheats, Noise By Numbers) on bass and Jesse Carmona (Gods Reflex, The Braves, La Historia) on drums.


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May 25 Montrose Saloon

2933 W Montrose Ave
Albany Park
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 463-7663

w/Farewell Captain and Discoveries of the American Scientific


"Here It Comes Again" EP

Check out the 'Here It Comes Again' EP out now on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, Youtube, and Bandcamp. The EP was released August 9th, 2018 on Torture Chamber Records and was by Mike Felumlee of Chicago's Smoking Popes.

'Invisible Falls State Park' EP

Check out the 'Invisible Falls State Park' EP out now on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The EP was released April 18th, 2017 on Torture Chamber Records and was recorded by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Labs and Jeff Dean at Million Yen Studios.

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Our EP is distributed in the UK/Europe by Boss Tuneage Records, in Japan by Waterslde Records, and in the USA by Torture Chamber Records.

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Live From The Rock Room

Check us out on Live From The Rock Room, a live video show created by Mike Felumlee of The Smoking Popes and The Bigger Empty.

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